Oral surgeons raising the bar in Frisco, TX

Frisco might cross two Texas counties, but there’s one proud identity we share as residents of the community. At the Center for Oral Surgery, we believe in raising the bar in surgical expertise so that the Frisco community gets the care it deserves. You need every reason to feel confident in your surgical care, and as providers for maxillofacial care to the Frisco, TX area, we’re proud to fill that role in your community.

Doctors Nail and Dombrowski practice the full scope of oral surgery for Frisco patients. With expertise in everything from extractions to the reconstruction of oral tissues, you’ll learn more about the doctors’ collective expertise in an in-depth consultation at our Carrollton office. If you’re looking for the greatest skill, experience and qualifications in the Frisco area, call us at 972-395-7630 or visit us today!


Oral surgery for Frisco, TX patients

Surgery is different from other fields of medicine…a surgeon’s skill is not just measured by knowledge in the field, but in the dexterity of their work. Our expertise is tangible, and our patients are cared for to the highest standard. At the Center for Oral Surgery, our results are evident in the smiles we restore.

For almost a decade, Frisco was the fastest-growing city in the whole country. Our office has the cutting-edge technology and surgical expertise to care for all Frisco maxillofacial patients, from dental implants to wisdom tooth extractions to corrective jaw surgery. Our doctors have the greatest capacity to serve this community with their expertise.


Dental implants

The number of dental implants in the country grows by over half a million new implants placed each year. New technologies have promoted these as the number-one, longest-lasting tooth replacement option. Our oral surgeons are the local authority on the new technologies and developments in the field. Doctors Nail and Dombrowski have special expertise in crafting oral tissues and performing these implant placements, so you can rest assured that you’re in the very best hands.


Wisdom teeth (third molars)

Wisdom teeth are usually removed during adolescence or young adulthood in the United States, with a greater trend toward extraction earlier—before these third molars become a problem. Wisdom tooth extractions are a milestone for millions of patients each year.

With an increasing number of impacted and partially erupted wisdom molars in young adults, the extraction of third molars has become more important for overall oral health. Our oral surgeons provide the best care in wisdom teeth extraction for Frisco patients. We have the skill, the I.V. sedation expertise, and the state-of-the-art facility to give this milestone its due attention—and our patients their due care. Our priority is always the comfort of our patients coupled with the best-delivered surgery, as proven by our shorter healing times and happy patients.

We offer the full scope of oral surgeries for Frisco, TX with the quality of care our patients expect. The care we provide—from consultation to post-op and follow-ups—is the proof of our expertise and commitment to this community. It’s our standard that patients go into surgery informed and come out of surgery with every resource to heal efficiently. We pride our work, and are excited to invite you to our Carrollton office. Call us today!