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Oral Connective Tissue Grafting- Not just “Gum Grafting”

Most of us are familiar with someone who is or has experienced recession of their gums (gingiva). Depending on the severity of this condition, grafting of tissue is often performed to correct it. This same technique can be used to optimize a potential dental implant site, either for better implant health, for tooth esthetics, or […]

Implant Restorations: Cemented vs. Screw-Retained

Most of us are familiar with the Pro’s and Con’s of cementing restorations on dental implants versus retaining them with screw fixation.  Cemented restorations are technically easier and within the comfort zone of all dentist’s, while screw-retained restorations are retrievable.  At face value, it appeared that all things being equal, these retention options were, well, […]

I Don’t have enough Bone for a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are not actually teeth; they are the foundation for teeth.  A dental implant is in reality a tooth root made of titanium, and like a tooth root, it must be inserted into bone.  The actual placement of a single dental implant into jaw bone is one of the most comfortable procedures that we […]

General Anesthesia was Discovered by a Dentist?

The advent of general anesthesia radically altered the surgical landscape.  Prior to this, what today would be considered minor surgical procedures at that time caused tremendous pain and distress, and many surgeries could not even be considered due to the pain and danger involved for the patient.  But who discovered general anesthesia? Dr. Horace Wells […]

George Washington and Dental Implants

  Many of us are familiar with the stories of George Washington and his “wooden dentures”.  The reality is that while George Washington was afflicted with dental problems and tooth loss, culminating in his having to wear full dentures for much of it, they were not actually made of wood.   The various prostheses that Washington […]

Wisdom Teeth: The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and Nothing But the Tooth?

wisdom teeth

The removal of wisdom teeth is now recognized as a necessity for the vast majority of the population.  It is also widely known that their removal in the mid-teenage years enables the quickest patient recovery while minimizing the potential risks associated with wisdom tooth removal.   One of the risks of wisdom tooth removal is […]

A New Year…A Time to Reflect

As we leave another year behind, whatever trials may have been endured, we (Jeff and I) always feel grateful for the time that we have had to experience personal growth and to spend with our families.  And as we enter a new year, we are always excited and at the same time a little apprehensive […]

A Heartfelt Message of Gratitude

Red sparkly Christmas Bulb Decorations and a gold tree topper star are in the corner framing a white background with the words Happy Holidays.

As Dr. Dombrowski and I take stock of this past year, we each have to give thanks for feeling remarkably blessed.  Certainly, the year has not been without its challenges; that comes part and parcel with this mortal experience, but the challenges have been met and either accommodated or overcome.  Truly every day that we […]

Your Health and Your Teeth: More Closely Related Than You Might Think!

Your Health and Your Teeth

It is not uncommon—in fact it is the norm—that people see their primary care physician for their annual health checkups, and they see their dentist to get their teeth cleaned and to have any needed dental restorations performed.  What most don’t realize is how much the health of their oral cavity can affect their overall […]

Best Road Trips to take in Texas This Fall

Driver entering an address into the navigation system

Is the hint of fall bringing out your inner wanderlust and calling you to adventure? The great thing about living in Texas is that vacation spots are as diverse as the landscapes. From feeding your inner-city slicker to letting the nature-lover in you run free, there are great vacation spots a short distance away, from […]