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Your Health and Your Teeth: More Closely Related Than You Might Think!

Your Health and Your Teeth

It is not uncommon—in fact it is the norm—that people see their primary care physician for their annual health checkups, and they see their dentist to get their teeth cleaned and to have any needed dental restorations performed.  What most don’t realize is how much the health of their oral cavity can affect their overall […]

Best Road Trips to take in Texas This Fall

Driver entering an address into the navigation system

Is the hint of fall bringing out your inner wanderlust and calling you to adventure? The great thing about living in Texas is that vacation spots are as diverse as the landscapes. From feeding your inner-city slicker to letting the nature-lover in you run free, there are great vacation spots a short distance away, from […]

CONUS vs. All-on-4®: What’s The Difference?

Senior Dentures

For patients who have lost all of their teeth or require the removal of the remainder of their teeth, a variety of full-mouth tooth replacement options exist.  Among these options are the All-on-4® concept and the CONUS option.  There are advantages and considerations for each that bear review and understanding before a choice is made […]

“Teeth In A Day”®: Too Good To Be True?

Teeth In A Day

Most of us have heard of dental implants and “teeth in a day”, but what does this phrase mean?  What is the concept, and what is it not? Well, firstly, “Teeth In A Day”® on dental implants most often refers to placing temporary teeth on either one or two dental implants, usually in the front […]

Preparing for Wisdom Tooth Removal

wisdomteeth (1)

While the removal of teeth in general can be relatively simple, the removal of wisdom teeth requires a higher degree of skill. Due to a lack of space for these teeth in the jaw, they are often impacted (stuck) requiring that they be removed surgically. Even when these teeth are erupted into the mouth, lower […]

Dental Implants: 3 Things You Might Not Have Known

Facts about dental implants 2

Dental implants are the longest-lasting, most popular and most written about tooth replacement option. Our office has published material on our website discussing the benefits and advantages to dental implants, and the technologies that allow us to give you the best options and greatest peace of mind. Whether on our site or elsewhere, you’ve probably […]

Lasers in dentistry and oral surgery

Lasers in Oral Surgery

Use of Lasers in Oral Surgery The use of lasers in maxillofacial surgery has been fast developing, and of enormous interest to surgeons and patients alike. Since the invention of the ruby laser in 1960, the application of laser light has been quick to grow in oral surgery. The most recent advances in laser science […]

Healing after jaw surgery

The aftermath

What comes after jaw surgery? It’s one thing to get ready for your surgery. Directions are in no short supply, whether from your surgeon, dentist, or orthodontist. There are a lot of people working with you, and for good reason—this is an important event. Whether your jaw just grew a certain way, or you’re getting […]

The difference between two-stage and one-stage implants

Advanced implant procedures

Perhaps your tooth has already been taken out, or it’s about to be removed. The first decision you made is whether it’s a tooth you want to replace. Then, once you’ve decided to replace it, the next decision brought you to dental implants as your preferred solution. Dental implants are the most secure, fully functional […]

Real insight on wisdom teeth

Start by getting an assessment of your wisdom teeth

Making sense of wisdom teeth Once wisdom teeth start to come in, your first line of inquiry might be, what do you do about them? And how do you manage the discomfort? Once you stop to think further, you might wonder why we have wisdom teeth in the first place. If so many people need […]